Courtney Jones Video Premiere & SXSW



SXSW week is here.  Personally, my favorite festival.  I’ll head down on Friday, after catching Toby Goodshank open for Macauley Culkin’s new Velvet Underground cover band “Pizza Underground” that changes all of the lyrics to be about Pizza… here on Wednesday night.

But first…
I’m honored that Courtney Jones asked me to premiere her new video, “City Lights”. Many of you have already viewed it at Our Scattered Dreams.  It’s too large a file for this WordPress site, but please stop by and view it.

I started this blog less than a year ago and have interviewed so many great musicians, and hope to share many more interviews with you.  If you’re attending SXSW please check out these musicians that have been interviewed here.

Andrew Belle
Jessie Frye
Golden Youth
Kaela Sinclair
Small Houses

Also watch for upcoming interviews with other SXSW performers like; Elizabeth and the Catapult, Holly Conlan and The 1975.


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