Justin Bieber and Amanda Palmer

Justin Bieber, that’s 2 words I never thought would be in this blog.
I really don’t know anything about him and I’m not sure if I’ve heard his songs or not. I don’t know if he really writes his songs and plays the instruments or if he has ghost writers and studio musicians.  I know nothing about him yet, if I’m honest, I’ve been going on thinking “my friends and I don’t like manufactured, teen Pop stars.” So, basically  the little part that Justin Bieber has played in my life has been based around the idea….

People like me, don’t like people like him.

Really!?! It’s my Mom’s birthday today and if she were still alive, she’d be so disappointed to know I had thoughts like that.  I’m disappointed to know I have thoughts like that.  But, it’s all too easy to fall into that spiral.

We have allowed people’s lives to be displayed as entertainment.

I know this. If I were given millions of dollars as a teenager, told I was the greatest ever, surrounded by people who did whatever I wanted, had no true friends in my life to say, “Don’t do that, it’s wrong, it’s stupid.  You’re going to hurt yourself or someone else.” I would have ended up a mess too.  Anyone would. Now, of course, there have been people from the record label telling him what to do or not do, but their guidance is directed at Justin Bieber the product to maintain or enhance his revenue stream.  But, it sure looks like he has no strong, guiding figures in his life to help him stay on track.  That’s sad.


I like her. You may know who she is.  (I hope you do!)  You may have seen her TED talk, may have just heard about her TED talk, may love her music, may remember some bad stories about her but not really know who she is.  You should really spend some time getting to know her.

Whether you like her music or not, whether you agree or disagree with what she says and does, you have to respect that she is a person who is always thinking about, analyzing and trying to figure out her world and her place in it.   Spend some time reading her thoughts in her blog and in interviews (and her TED talk if you have not seen it) and I’m pretty sure you’ll like her.

Amanda (and Danny Hillis), I think, nailed it on this post about Justin Bieber.  Personally, it made me examine my views and write this post.

So, please spend some time reading Amanda’s blog post
(brief excerpt from http://amandapalmer.net/blog/20140124/)

“i spent a few minutes on twitter today talking about justin bieber. and wow.

i was in no way defending the dude’s actions…i mean, yeah, he’s doing some pretty stupid, self-destructive (and potentially other-people-destructive) stuff.

that wasn’t what i was addressing: i was looking at the giant pile-on of other people/celebrities: jeering, laughing, joking, and pointing fingers at the kid. i pointed out that this wasn’t actually getting us anywhere and was, in fact, part of the bigger problem in this fucked up culture.

why do so many people enjoy hating this guy so much?
because it’s easy? fun? because it’s standard?

anybody who tried to justify their hate (“i’m allowed to hate him and laugh at him because his music sucks!” “i’m allowed to hate him and laugh at him because he put people in danger and that’s SO NOT COOL”) just sounded silly. trying to justify being mean to anyone always winds up failing.”


Choose compassion over hate.
Think before you let the media tide pull you under.
Consider that these are real people and real lives.
Consider how you would end up put in the same surroundings.


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