Quincy Mumford Songwriting Interview

Quincy Mumford Songwriting Interview

Quincy Mumford and the Reason Why

Quincy Mumford

Current City: Asbury Park, NJ
Most Recent Release: ‘It’s Only Change’
Band Affiliation: Quincy Mumford & The Reason Why

Bio: After 5 years, 400+ shows, and four award-winning albums, New Jersey-based 21 year-old singer/songwriter Quincy Mumford is set to release his 5th album “Its Only Change” on July 30th, 2013.  Its Only Change was recorded in Nashville, TN with producer Ken Coomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo) and features performances from Jerry Roe (K.D. Lang), David Labruyere (John Mayer) and Aubrey Freed (Black Crowes, Sheryl Crow).  Producer Ken Coomer, states, “Quincy Mumford is a true artist that can bring raw 70′s style rock and funk highlighted with the voice of an old soul, it’s a perfect blend.”
Full Bio is HERE

OSW: OK, let’s get this out of the way first. You are not and have never been a member of Mumford and Sons. Has this led to some funny situations for you?
Quincy Mumford: No I am not, although I wouldn’t mind being apart of that group haha. My last name is English. One time there was a write up in a Philly magazine saying that Quincy Mumford from Mumford and Sons was playing…I guess they did not do their research.

OSW: What is your songwriting/composing process? 
Quincy Mumford: It usually starts with a chord progress, moves to a melody and becomes complete with lyrics. Lately, I have been switching it up. I have been getting a ton of ideas in my head, just humming melodies, and creating music later, and even writing down lyrics first and creating a song around that.

OSW: What’s different or new about your 5th album, “It’s Only Change.”?
Quincy Mumford: For the first time I have created an album that has a story behind it. It feels to me like a complete album, not just a bunch of songs placed together in a random order. A lot of thought and planning went into choosing the songs, and order. Each song relates back to each other, and they all have the same constant theme of change.

OSW: What are you most proud of?
Quincy Mumford: Probably my writing. I have worked hard over the last 8 years writing as much as I could, in order to perfect my songwriting craft. It is what I most enjoy about music, and it can only get better from here.

OSW: Do lyrics come quickly or do you revise them over a period of time? 
Quincy Mumford: It depends on the song. Some lyrics I can’t write down quick enough because they just keep flowing, and others I need to come back to multiple times to revise and perfect. 

OSW: Most people connect Asbury Park to Bruce Springsteen, but it really has become a great and varied musical community with yourself, April Smith and the Great Picture Show, Allie Moss and many others. Tell us about the music scene in Asbury Park, 
Quincy Mumford: What I love about the Asbury Park music scene is the amount of different music that comes out of it. There are so many different genres that come out of this area, and if you are like me, this is exciting because I love so many different types of music. There is indy rock, ska, punk, metal, soul, funk, reggae, you name it!

OSW: What is your favorite songwriting lyric?
Quincy Mumford: Mine or someone else’s? Ryan Montbleau has a song called, “Carry”. It is about marriage, and the idea of being married some day. I love the line, “Time hangs heavy on the vine, lets make wine”. 

OSW: Has technology changed your writing process at all the past few years?
Quincy Mumford: Yes! I used to use my notebook all the time to write, but now every time an idea pops into my head, i just take out my iPhone and write it down, or sing a melody into my voice recorder. 

OSW: Are there any books on songwriting/lyrics that have influenced you?
Quincy Mumford: Unfortunately I don’t read to much, but I listen to a lot of music and study the way that other artist write and compose their songs.

OSW: What advice would you give to young songwriters/composers?
Quincy Mumford: Write all the time, and don’t throw anything out! It does not matter how bad you may think it is, keep writing until you finish the song. You don’t have to use it, with each new song you grow and get better, so keep writing! 

OSW: What advice would you give your younger self 10 years ago?
Quincy Mumford: Study more music and don’t be lazy! I could have taken music a lot more serious and learned a lot more 10 years ago.

OSW: If you could go back and be part of any album session what would it be?
Quincy Mumford: John Legend ‘Get Lifted’.

OSW: If you could sit down and talk about songwriting with anyone, who would it be and why?
Quincy Mumford: Ryan Montbleau. He is my favorite songwriter of this day and age. He is a poet that plays music, an incredible songwriter. I always say he is like the Paul Simon of the new generation. Oh! That’s another person, Paul Simon is a genius, I would love to pick that guys brain about songwriting. He is so honest and playful with his lyrics and melodies. 

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