On Chasing Your Dreams (via Levi Weaver)

max canyon

Back in June I interviewed Levi Weaver, a singer/songwriter from Nashville and friend.  I always enjoy his blog posts, but this one really hit home.

My son (pictured above in an old photo) , just recently finished shooting his 2nd movie, but really first true movie since he hired a crew, professional actors and rented a RED camera to shoot the film.

I’ve been putting off releasing my own album to do this blog. I’m still writing and recording music every week for work, But, none of my songs has been completed and put out there yet for this new project.  That’s been in thoughts a lot recently and this has also been, for other reasons, a really tough week.

So, this was a really good read and reminder for me.  Hope you enjoy and share this. Click through to read after the preview

Here’s the start of his post, follow the link for the full article

 A list of necessary accoutrements, should you wish to chase your dreams:

1. Something Impossible.
Even if it is only impossible to you. This is the first step. This is the dream. Without a dream to chase, nothing else here is relevant.

2. The Will to Learn Everything About it.
This means late nights. Or early mornings. Or both. (Usually both.) It means putting to use the study skills that you learned in school. In retrospect, I was right in High School when I said “I’m not going to use any of this” (with the exception of spelling, grammar, and some basic math skills). But teachers never told me that I was right: I wouldn’t use the tedium. But I would use the ability to learn. It’s hard to get fired up about a calculus exam. It’s incredibly easy to get fired up about your impossible dream. If they’d only told me this, I would have been their favorite student.

Use your time in school to learn how to learn, so that when your dream appears, you are equipped with the proper tools with which to study your prey.



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