If you could go back…


I like to research the songwriters I don’t know and find meaningful personal questions for them.  Things I’d like to know about their; process, writing and songs.  I ask these things because, in my mind, they’re things that everyone is interested in.  But, I also love having some questions that everyone is asked so we can compare the answers.

This question started showing up after a few interviews and has been a really interesting, and strangely consistently answered one.  Check out how many times ‘Pet Sounds’ or other Brian Wilson sessions show up on this and the question about “who would you like to talk songwriting with?”

 If you could go back and be part of any album session what would it be?

Adrienne Pierce: It would be fun to be a fly on the wall during the recording of The Beach Boys ‘Pet Sounds’ Album. Just imagine watching them sing the vocals for “God Only Knows”.

Heather Woods Broderick: Hard to choose. Maybe Neil Young’s ‘Comes A Time’. I learned to sing harmonies to his records, and I often have dreamt of being there singing along. Or I might just want to be a fly on the wall during the making of Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Nebraska’.

Torres:  Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours and Nick Drake’s Pink Moon are two recording sessions for which I would’ve been obliged to be a fly on the wall.

Toby Goodshank:  Oh, The Frogs “It’s Only Right and Natural.” I wouldn’t have belonged there, though. Or maybe Scott Walker’s latest. Any Jandek album.

Caleb Hawley: ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered” album. Not only is it my favorite Stevie record but it’s one of the few he used the funk bro’s on. I’d love to sit in the room with James Jamerson & Stevie Wonder at the same time. That would teach me more than a Berklee degree easily.

Dallas: I would like to be a fly on the wall of the Pet Sounds sessions.  No one other than Brian Wilson knew what he was trying to achieve and he didn’t feel it was necessary to convince anyone that he was doing something great. “I guess I just wasn’t made for these times” is such a genius line that explains exactly what he was doing at the time.

La Fleur Fatale: “S.F. Sorrow” with Pretty Things.

Courtney Jones: After much debate, I think I’m going to go with Pink Floyd “Dark Side of the Moon”. I wonder what that room was like, not knowing how successful and defining that record would become. Also, I’d really like to know if that whole Wizard of Oz thing was on purpose or not. But seriously, watching that album come together would really be something special.

Sharon Van Etten: That’s a tough one. Maybe Neil Young ‘Harvest’.

Adam Levy: Talk Talk’s ‘Laughing Stock,’ from 1991. This record is an utter enigma to me. So beautiful! I don’t know what I would have added, but I wish I could’ve at least been a fly on the wall.

Aves:  ‘SMiLE” by the Beach Boys most definitely. To me the whole album and the story behind the making along with all the making of snippets there are, is simply the most fascinating tale of creative genius at it’s peak.

What album session would you like to go back and be part of?  Please leave a comment!


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