Christine Hoberg “All That Hate” Video

Christine Hoberg asked us to host the first video single from her upcoming album “World Within’. We’re glad to share “All That Hate” with you.

Here’s some more on the album and video;

New York composer and vocal artist Christine Hoberg will
return with her fourth LP, World Within, in the Fall of 2013.
The follow-up to her 2011 Moonlight Never Shined So Bright,
this new album was recorded in Christine’s Brooklyn home
with an analog forefront.
“This album is about my fascination with worlds that exist
within each other. I have very vivid dreams. We rest ourselves
and awake in another world for hours each day. We spin on
a tiny globe and can see the stars and forget that we are
looking through a darkening atmosphere at suns that are
much greater than ours. They have their own tiny planets and,
odds are, other lives awake on those tiny spinning planets. A
world within a world. We are all held together inside of other
worlds. Awake and asleep and awakening again without end
into other worlds again.


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