Small Houses


Small Houses (Jeremy Quentin) Photo by: Jarred Gastreich

Small Houses is a Philadelphia(ish see below) based indie/folk project featuring the songs and poems of Flint, MI native Jeremy Quentin. Artfully crafted finger-style guitar playing, and softly sung melodies describing the people, love, and homes of Quentin’s life. I was introduced to Jeremy by a friend who is involved with Sofar Sounds and Communion Music, so without even hearing him I knew he had to be great, and he is.

Small Houses (Jeremy Quentin)
Hometown- Flint, MI
Current City-   My car, USA
Most Recent Release- ‘Exactly Where You Wanted to Be’
Band Affiliation- Small Houses, I’ll also be backing a fella named Jared Bartman this fall.

Brief Intro/Bio:
Eclectic music enthusiast, 35mm photographer, and writer, inspired by midwestern poets, professional football, daytime comedies, and coming of age novelists

What is your songwriting process?
In the mornings, I listen to my favorite new songs on my headphones while walking around whichever town I’m in that day, followed by an hour or two of reading from a book. Next, I sit down and write short vague phrases about my life or one of a friends, and wait for something to capture my attention. Afterwards, I think about those new titles while strumming the guitar, learning one of my favorite songs or attempting to think of a new one. When some things start to stick together, I spend the rest of the day filling in the gaps with bridges between the words I’ve written and the chords I’ve conjured. Hopefully, something will be worth pursuing, and if not, I start the day over again.

What are you most proud of?
My willingness to assimilate and my stubbornness to change.

Your album was partially fan-funded. What do you think about the whole fan-funding movement that has developed in the past 5 years?
I had a album funded by fans about 2 or 3 years ago. I wish I had a grander opinion on the idea, but I don’t. I too put money towards Kickstarter and Indiegogo projects, but with ulterior motives, I enjoy the odd and unique incentives for donating, especially those that include demo recordings of the songs I’ll later learn to love from the album. I guess I don’t have a livid vision of a regional sense of community in the arts scene, in case that was the answer you were looking for, I just like the friendship and the ethereal products consumed.

What is your favorite song lyric?
Of my own? I don’t have one. Of someone else? I don’t have an all time favorite, as I’m usually excited something new every week. Frontier Ruckus has the bulk of my attention for right now.

“Funeral Family Flowers”

The trees of memories don’t shift
Though their shadows deep and dark orbit
Around the years
Where careers
Are shaped like houses

The stars are dead
But their tombstones love me
Their funeral family flowers flicker and shine
So bright above me

-Frontier Ruckus

What advice would you give to young songwriters?
Just write.

If you could sit down and talk about songwriting with anyone, who would it be and why?

For right now, probably Christopher Porterfield from a band called Field Report. I think he is writing some of the most interesting songs today, totally uninhibited by anything besides a love for Northern Wisconsin and his own naiveté. Either him or Jay-Z, for sake of meter.

If you’re in Philadelphia or South Jersey you can see Jeremy on August 30th at The Fire with The Commonwealth Choir . But, because we have far more readers from Finland than Philly, here’s the details on his Fall Finland Tour also;

Small Houses on the Web

Bonus Materials
To view Jeremy’s selected playlist and other bonus items, please go to; interviews and Bonus Materials will be archived alphabetically HERE for easy access in the future.

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