Sigrid Zeiner


Sigrid Zeiner, Photo by Andrea Gamst

I stumbled on to Sigrid’s music somewhere.  I think it may have been via a Twitter post originally. You’ll see at the end of this interview that she has a wide spread Web presence so it could of been several places.  I was intrigued by her mix of Acoustic/Pop and Electronica and her voice.  I’m guessing that most of you, not here via SIgrid, have never heard her before.  I’m hoping that you all spend some time listening to her music after this.

Name: Sigrid Zeiner
Current City/Home Town: London/Oslo
Most recent release: Demo version of ‘Uncomfortable’
Band Affiliation: Sigrid Zeiner, Circumnavigate

Sigrid Zeiner is a pop/electronica artist. Taking inspiration from artist such as Ellie Goulding, Sigur Rós and Imogen Heap she writes, produces and records her music in her home studio in West London.

Sigrid Zeiner-Gundersen started her solo project Sigrid Zeiner in 2011. She wrote and produced her first song “Naked To The Fingertips” in her grandmother’s basement. In 2012 Sigrid become artist of the week on the Norwegian web page/radio station P3 Urørt with her song ‘Over The Hill’. This station is known for breaking up-and-coming acts, . She also performed on the popular festival ‘Slottsfjell’ in Tønsberg, Norway that Summer. Since then, Sigrid’s music has been seen on several Norwegian TV channels. Her vocals are also featured on Maverick Sabre’s track “Let Me Go” as the main female vocal. Sigrid also was as a session singer for the UK based band Crystal Fighters on their new album ‘Cave Rave’ (released in May 2013).

Sigrid has been the lead vocalist and writer of the Norwegian pop/jazz/folk band Circumnavigate  since 2005 when she and three friends created the band. It wasn’t until she moved to London to learn more about the world of pop music that she gave in to her creative self and consistently began writing songs. She is currently producing her solo debut EP and her bands debut EP ‘Stranger’ which will both be released by the end of this Summer!

What is your songwriting/composing process?
Most of my songs are created on the go with melody chords and lyrics coming all at once – at least when I am on the piano or guitar. As I don’t focus a lot of my time on my piano playing technique I sometimes find a lot of creative help using Logic Pro on my Mac. The world of technology and music producing definitely opened up another creative world to me.

Whenever I write with my band we usually start jamming and I come up with vocal line and lyrics. I usually make them loop whatever they’re playing while I write the lyrics. It’s a great way of writing to live background music, so thanks guys for being so patient =D

Lyrically, I have always felt the need to express myself.  Writing has been a natural outlet for my thoughts. I write on the tube, in the car, on the bus or in my bed if I’m listening to something that inspires me. Other times, they come to me as I sing out loud and most of all they appear when I’m feeling melancholic. I have caught myself thinking of something that bothers me to get the inspiration going. I guess ‘the tortured artist’ is kind of a cliché but it definitely makes sense to me.

What are you most proud of?
Musically, I think my proudest moment must be when my song was first played on the radio in Norway. It felt really good thinking that I had created everything myself.  =)

What is your favorite songwriting lyric?
My favorite lyric I think must be “The Scientist” by Coldplay. I love that I can’t really figure it out. Another definite favorite is “Youth” by Daughter. It’s so lovely;.

“we are the reckless

we are the wild youth

chasing visions of our future”


“If you’re in love, then you are the lucky one,

‘cause most of us are bitter over someone”

What advice would you give to young songwriters/composers?
I haven’t been asked to give advice before! I still feel like there are so many more things for me to learn first. But, I think a great way to start at least for singers is to become as independent in the process as possible. The more you can do on your own the easier it will be to have creative freedom and continuously write. I really wish I could play piano and guitar better so I guess I’d encourage that for others as well. My focus has been getting on developing my production and technology skills instead. Although, I’m far from good enough yet. Another thing I would say is to write as much as possible. The more times you try to do something the more you will be inclined to think of new ways to do it. This improves your process and helps you become more creative.

If you could sit down and talk songwriting with anyone who would it be, and why?
I think the dream would be to talk about songwriting with Imogen Heap. She is a great inspiration to me as she is so creative and independent as an artist. She also has brilliant songwriting ideas. I’d love to sit down with her and talk about her writing process.

Another artist I would love to talk to would be Ellie Goulding. Her melody lines and lyrics are always quirky and different. I love that!

How does technology impact your writing? Have you ever taken any of your more electronic based songs and played acoustic versions of them?
Technology has a huge impact on my songwriting. Sometimes I start on a production idea first and create sort of a backing track for myself to add vocals to. I definitely get a different outcome then if I start on the piano. I usually end up with more upbeat songs when I start with the electronic approach. I’d love to use this angle more. When it comes to acoustic versions of my ‘more electronic songs” I still find it hard to let my ‘sounds’ go but I love playing them all stripped down and definitely want to explore it more. Any good song should work either way – acoustic or not! I guess the production and arranging side of things is the wrapping that fits you into a genre.

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