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Levi Weaver

I want to introduce you to Levi Weaver. Levi and I have several mutual friends.  I had heard about him for a while. I was so moved when I finally saw him at Opening Bell Coffee in Dallas that I wrote a song based around the layers of things he builds using the looping pedal at his live performances.  We will also be forever connected by a late night at SXSW involving a silent disco in an enchanted forest.  If you ever run into either of us, ask us about that story.

Name- Levi Weaver
Current City- Nashville, TN
Label- None yet
Most recent release- Last Official release was “I Am Only a Tiny Noise”, in Spring of 2012

Brief introduction
Hi, my name is Levi Weaver. I get uncomfortable in rooms with lots of people unless they’re all looking at me, and I don’t know the answer to “what kind of music do you make?” but I get asked that all the time. Someone once told me I should answer that I make soundtracks to existential crises, but I also like making friends, so I’ve kept that one mostly holstered.

What is your songwriting process?
Step one: get sad or think about eternity and space and what it means to be a self-aware being
Step two: songs

(This really is the only consistency in my method, everything else is kind of chaos)

What are you most proud of?
Today, my son was in the kitchen humming Daft Punk (WHERE DID HE HEAR THAT) and then sang these words: “We walk on accident sun, We walk on accident sun, We walk on accident sun, We walk on Mexican ducky”. I’ll never top that. He’s half me, and still manages to be awesome, so until three weeks ago, he was what I was most proud of, but UPDATE: it’s now a tie, though Holland(3 week old)’s stories mostly involve poop, and that’s not a good interview answer.

What is your favorite songwriting lyric?
*shuffles papers, spins chair, adjusts glasses, clears throat*

We walk on accident sun, We walk on accide

Kidding. Honestly, though – I could give you an entire book of lyrics that I love, but to pick one favorite is an impossible task, so I’ll give you two new ones I discovered within the last month:
1. David Ramirez, The Forgiven: “You’re just a songwriter, you ain’t a preacher. We came to mourn you, not to look in the mirror. Sing about those hard times, sing about those women. We love the broken, not the forgiven.”

2. Casey Black, Fire, Fire, Fire: “This all began when someone liked a piece of land and thought to make a border. This all began when someone said ‘Hey man, don’t blame me, I’m only following orders’. This all began when someone said ‘We are we, and they are they, and we are normal’. This all began when someone said ‘Hey, do you disagree?’ and someone else said ‘yeah… sorta’.”

What advice would you give to young songwriters?
The best advice I ever got about songwriting didn’t come from another songwriter, it came from a comedian (I wish I could remember who), who said (I’m paraphrasing), “it takes ten years to find your voice. You’ll struggle, and you’ll accidentally copy other people, and you’ll be really awful at first, and then somewhere around ten years, you’ll discover your voice, and by then – if you’ve been plugging away, and practicing, you’ll be ready.”

I don’t think it necessarily takes that long with songwriters, but it does take a long time. You really are going to be pretty awful for awhile, even if you have a great voice and even if you’re a good writer, unless you’re some kind of savant. Don’t get discouraged by that. I’ve never understood how in every other profession, you go to school and then do an internship, and then after years and years, you become an expert, but in the arts, people act like they should be Paul McCartney by the time they’re twenty. It’s a skill, just like anything else, albeit one that is intensely personal and vulnerable.

All (ALL. I am not exaggerating about this) all of my favorite singer-songwriters that I’ve ever talked to are absolutely riddled with self-doubt. Embrace that early. If you know ahead of time that you’re not going to be good and you have no choice but to play and write and sing anyway, in spite of the nerves, in spite of the discomfort and embarrassment and social anxiety, just because it’s just in you and HAS to get out, then you’re in the right game. Knowing it ahead of time sorta braces you against crushing disappointment right out of the gates, too.

Levi on the Web
and most importantly, Levi is nearing the end of a fan funded drive to complete his next album.  Please be a part of this process if you can and share with any other music loving friends. Here is the link: http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/leviweaver

Oh and….. there’s a lovely post about Levi that our friends at Music is My First Language did a couple of years back.  You should stop by and read that too, I think you’ll enjoy it.


Bonus Materials

To view Levi’s selected playlist and other bonus items, please go to;


All interviews and Bonus Materials will be archived alphabetically HERE for easy access in the future.

I truly appreciate everyone that has stopped by, talked about this blog and/or shared with friends. Please continue to share this page and site with fellow music lovers.

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