Shane Alexander

Our Scattered Words Blog June 21, 2013

Shane Alexander

Shane Alexander is from Los Angeles, California. His most recent album “Ladera” was released by BuddhaLand Records (USA) and Suburban/Harlem Recordings (Benelux).  He has also performed with the group The Greater Good.

I’m an independent singer/songwriter/performer/producer with 5 full length solo records and an EP to date.  I have toured internationally since 2005, played many of the stages I’d always dreamed I would, and opened for many of my biggest influences.  I feel truly blessed to do what I love.

What is your songwriting process?
It varies, but I definitely put time in every day.  I generally play and sing at least 1-3 hours every morning and often just come up with ideas on the spot – recording them quickly in their roughest form onto my phone.  I do the same when I tour.  I find trains always get me into a poetic, lyrical mindset.  I take all my recorded fragments and listen to them while I’m at the gym or in the car, find the ones that have the most potential and work from there.  Sometimes the songs come out fully-formed in one sitting, which is always a gift, but more often they take some time.  I do a number of co-writes, and in a co-write setting, my lyrics come faster than I can write them and I almost always have a song completed within a few hours.

What are you most proud of?
My daughter would surely be my #1, but career wise, I suppose I’m most proud of having carved out a career and a growing international fanbase on my own terms.

What is your favorite songwriting lyric?
Ever?  “Just what you want to be, you will be in the end” (written by Justin Hayward) from The Moody Blues’  “Nights in White Satin”, which is still one of my all-time favorite songs. I heard the song often as a child, and that lyric became sort of a mantra for me.  The production on that song is pure magic. There has never been a recording with more spook.

..of my own? That’s tough – first one to come to mind is from a tune called “Carrollton” on my last record – “the past is dressed in Sunday clothes, in picture frames, in dusty rows and put in rooms where no one goes to see them.”

What advice would you give to young songwriters?
Don’t suck and don’t quit! If being a songwriter is what you truly want to do, then do it.  Write honest music. Write constantly. You will NEVER have as much free time as you have in your teens and early 20’s, so don’t squander it.  Be prepared to hear the word NO a lot, but never accept it.  Be known for being badass, professional and likable.  Believe in your own abilities, because if you don’t, you will never convince anyone else to.  Work on your voice, your rhythm, your lyrics and your playing DAILY because it isn’t possible to be too good.  Seek out things that make you happy.

Shane on the Web
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If you’re anywhere near Ventura, California today (June 21, 2013) and you’d like to see Shane play live you’re in luck! Shane and John Elliott (who is also an incredible singer/songwriter that I hope to interview in the future) are playing at Zoey’s Cafe.  Please stop by and see them.

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Thanks for stopping by.  It’s been an incredible week and I truly appreciate everyone that has stopped by, talked about this blog and/or shared with friends. Please continue to share this page and site with fellow music lovers.

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