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I’m thrilled that the first interview came back so quickly.  Even happier that it’s from someone I’ve known for several years.  I expect the interviews to be a mix of long time friends and people I’ve never met before.  I’m excited about communicating with some new songwriters and discussing their process and passion for music. That’s the stuff that keeps all of us going.

I’ve known Salim Nourallah for several years here in Dallas.  Played gigs with him and seen him perform several times. He’s with Tapete Records out of Germany and his most recent release was “Hit Parade” (April 2012)

A Brief Introduction
Salim Nourallah is a North Texas music scene fixture. After gaining initial acclaim with the Denton-based Nourallah Brothers he has gone on to release several solo albums and produce an impressive list of many others (including the Old 97s, Rhett Miller, Deathray Davies & Smile Smile). His solo debut, Polaroid (2004), was met with reviews like this one: “discovering a singer-songwriter who can stop time is rare, but Salim Nourallah is such a find…” (Rolling Stone). Beautiful Noise followed in 2006 to more critical acclaim and he swept the Observer music awards with Best Album/Best Song and Best Producer. Salim has gone on to win 7 consecutive Observer Awards for Best Producer, toured Europe three times and had songs placed on HBO’s the Wire, ABC’s Smallville and the Academy Award winning movie the Wrestler. He recently launched a new project called The Disappearing Act with Dashboard Confessional guitarist, John Lefler, and his 5th solo CD, Hit Parade, was released in 2012 by the German indie label, Tapete Records.

What is your songwriting process?
I wait for inspiration to strike. Really, it’s as simple and complicated as that. I never write unless I’ve been struck by inspiration. Of course I never know when it’s going to happen. It’s happened while I’m driving, sleeping, running, waiting for late friends to arrive. Now it seems to happen in the cracks of my busy life.

What are you most proud of?
I’m especially proud of the body of work I’ve produced over the last 10 years. Not only the five full-length solo records under my own name but also all of the records for other artists that I’ve produced. Some of my favorites are;
Buttercup “Weather is Here”; Old 97s “Grand Theatre”; Sammy Strittmatter “Here But Gone”; I Love Math “Getting To The Point…”; Rhett Miller self-titled,  Rahim Quazi “Big Black Box”

What is your favorite songwriting lyric?
I have so many it’s impossible to answer but one of my favorites is “Nothing’s gonna change my world” (Across the Universe)

What advice would you give to young songwriters?
Figure out what you want to say or what emotion you’d like to evoke before you start writing a song. That’s really important in my opinion. Also, figure out what makes songs with your favorite lyrics work and why. Then try and use elements they use in your own songs.
Thanks to Salim for being the first one in the door at our blog.  Please be a part of his next album on his Kickstarter Page. He is truly a talented guy and you’ll enjoy being part of the process.

Salim on the Web


Bonus Material

To view Salim’s selected playlist and 2 personal videos he selected, please go to;

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(Photo by Jonathan Holloway)

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